Annual Awards

Where we Fund

Since our inception in 1981, the Williamston Schools Foundation has given more than $1.6 million in grant funding to our schools! On average, WSF has provided more than $40,000 in grants to Williamston Community Schools every year!

Throughout our history, the Williamston Schools Foundation has focused on funding innovative educational programs. The foundation has helped ensure that students have a robust educational experience created in partnership with teachers, administrators and staff.

WSF has enriched the lives of students in numerous ways. Here’s a snapshot of our funding over the past 37 years:

  • Creative Arts: $592,332
  • College Scholarships: $100,518
  • Language Arts: $58,273
  • Life Skills: $25,963
  • Math & Science: $129,572
  • Physical Fitness: $113,552
  • Social Studies: $208,949
  • Technology: $219,185


Grants Funded

The Williamston Schools Foundation has a proud history of enhancing education at Williamston Community Schools via teacher grants. Since 1981, the foundation has provided more than more than $1.6 million to our schools for unique and innovative projects. All grant applications are reviewed by the grants committee of the Williamston Schools Foundation using a grant evaluation scorecard. All grants must be supported and signed by the building principal and project leader. Please refer to the application instructions when applying for a grant. We encourage all applicants to apply online using the form below, but please note a hard copy with signatures on it must be delivered to the foundation. Don’t hesitate to contact the foundation coordinator with any questions.

WSF Grant Application Documents 

Type of Grants

Williamston Schools Foundation awards grants that supplement and enhance the already provided curriculum within Williamston Community Schools.   Grants are awarded twice a school year and are given to the teachers or staff that submit an application during a grant cycle.

How We’re Funded

The Williamston Schools Foundation (WSF) has a rich history of providing support to Williamston Schools and the community.  Below is a synopsis of grants provided during the 2018-19 school year.

Complete List of Funds provided by WSF

For a complete list of funds provided by the Williamston Schools Foundation, Click Here !